Bahnhofskolloquien 2018 / 2019

Die Schweizerische Aktuarvereinigung sponsort die Bahnhofskolloquien 2018/2019 und freut sich, die erste Veranstaltung ankündigen zu können.

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Zurich Actuarial Society

The Swiss Solvency Test - a coming-of-age story

Dr. Falk Tschierschnitz, FINMA


the New ASTIN official communication letter

AFIR-ERM Colloquium 2019

"Innovating Actuarial Research on Financial Risk and ERM"
21 - 24 May 2019, Florence, Italy

Insurance Data Science Conference

ETH Zurich, 14 June 2019

3rd European Congress of Actuaries 6/7 June 2019, Lisbon

Actuary 2020 - A Profession On The Move

2019 IAA Colloquium in Cape Town


ZHAW, School of Management and Law

Seminar Vorsorge Update 2019