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Actuarial Data Science Après-Midi

The Data Science working group of the SAA is happy to announce the third event focusing on the practical field of (actuarial) data science, that is offered as part of a new professional education opportunity based on the working paper and strategy developed for the SAA.
First, we deal with the question of how to get valuable information out of unstructured data. 80% to 90% of all information come in unstructured form such as text, images, audio recordings and movies. We will give an overview over use cases and technologies in order to handle such data and to gain insights.
In the second talk, we will use natural language processing (NLP) in claims management. Classifying insurance claims is a central task in any insurance company. We will give an overview of the recent developments in NLP and show how we can use these methods in claims management.
Finally, the last talk of this event will deal with ethics with respect to AI. Bias, malicious use and social implication of AI have become a key topic. After an overview, key risks and possible mitigations are discussed.

Organizer SAV | Working Group Data Science
Topic Data and Ethics
Date & Time  November 4, 2020 | 3 pm to 6 pm
Location Virtuell


15:00 Intro
15:05 How to get valuable information from unstructured inputs (Andreas Streich, Hochschule Luzern und ipt AG)
15:55 Break
16:10 Modern NLP in claims management (Leandro von Werra, Mobiliar)
17:00 Ethical AI (Andrea Cornelius, University for Applied Science Munich)
17:50 Outro
Participation fee: None
Registration: Registration on the SAV website is required.

04.11.2020 15:00
04.11.2020 18:00
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