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Webinar Frauengruppe: The future of work is here - with a lot of opportunities for workers, by Inga Höltmann

Dear Ladies, and SAV members,

I am very pleased to inform you of an upcoming webinar organised for the SAV Ladies Group. You will find the information below.

If you wish to attend the webinar, please apply using the registration form below. The webinar connection details will be sent to you subsequently.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Kind regards,

078 667 1900


The future of work is here - with a lot of opportunities for workers,
by Inga Höltmann

The Future of Work can be a utopia, a set of values, a set of methods - but it is, above all, the future of our work and our economy. In her talk, Inga Höltmann will show what the future of work will look like and what influence this has on our organisations. She will show what chances for workers lay herein, especially the ones seeking a modern work environment that meets their needs. Inga will show a lot of examples of how it is done in other companies to inspire and to give ideas on what to do. 

Webinar (link will be provided later)
Thursday October 6th, 6pm


About Inga Höltmann

Inga Höltmann is an expert on change in companies, the Future of Work and Digital Leadership. She is the founder of the Accelerate Academy (accelerate-academy.de) and creator of the New Work Briefing (free subscription here: accelerate-academy.de/newsletter), she works as a keynote speaker and a consultant. She is also a journalist and known for her podcast "New Work - so geht Veränderung". Contact here: linkedin.com/in/ingahoeltmann

06.10.2022 18:00
06.10.2022 19:30