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The Data Science working group of the SAA is happy to announce the second event focusing on the practical field of (actuarial) data science, that is offered as part of a new professional education opportunity based on the working paper and strategy developed for the SAA.

In the first talk, we will deal with the challenging task we are all confronted with when choosing among the myriad of data science tools and platforms available today. We will cover the various aspects that you need to consider and offer you a practitioner's view on how you can select the right data science tool chain to be successful in an insurance company.

In the second talk, we will focus on wrapping analytical and quantitative functionalities into user-interfaces by using R / Shiny. We present extensions, touch aspects of API & database integrations and, finally, highlight the building blocks of deploying R / Shiny apps in a DevOps setup such as creating containers and deploying them on associated platforms.

Finally, the last talk of this event will provide you with the essentials to get started with R Markdown. R Markdown is a complete ecosystem for authoring reports. We will cover how you can import and clean data, perform analytics and modelling and communicate your results, all within a single R-Markdown document. Finally, we will see how to compile reports in different formats such as PDF, HTML, or Word.

The number of participants is limited. Secure your participation and register now!

Organizer                 SAV | Working Group Data Science

Topic                        Infrastructure and Tools

Date & Time             October 7, 2020 | 3 pm to 6 pm

Location                   Hotel St. Gotthard, Bahnhofstrasse 87, 8021 Zürich

SAV CPS                 3


15:00               Intro

15:05               A practitioner's view on data science tools and platforms (David Lüthi, Zürich Versicherung)

15:55               Break

16:10               R / Shiny & Extensions (Robert Schöftner, Helvetia Versicherung & core dynamics GmbH)

17:00               Introduction to R Markdown (Claudio Rebelo, Swiss Re)

17:50               Outro

Participation fee        None

Registration               Registration on the SAV website is required.

Participants                This event is limited to 30 participants. First in time, first in line.

Date du
07.10.2020 15:00
Date de fin
07.10.2020 18:00
Hotel St. Gotthard, Bahnhofstrasse 87, Zürich
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